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  • Shofony platform is in line with the Digital Transformation Plan and Vision 2030

    • Facilitate the digital transformation process

      Shofony Platform In line with the Digital Transformation Plan and Vision 2030, our goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of incubator activities in Saudi Arabia and the GCC market.

    • Facilitate communication

      Shofony helps children’s homes (nurseries) facilitate the process of communicating parents with their children digitally and follow up their daily activities in the nursery.

    • Online communication

      The Chofoni Platform provides a unified and secure online communication method for children’s and foster parents’ homes by sharing daily reports

    • The core stage

      The first years of a child, is the fundamental stage to draw personal, building life and the future. It is the child’s right to be cared for and educated in an educational environment full of love and discovery

    • Build a child’s personality

      Contribute to the development of the personality of the child and the development of his own and behavioral abilities and the development of skills of innovation and systematic thinking.

  • Shofonyis a Saudi company that provides a unified and safe way of communicating to children (nursery) and parents

    Shofony platform provides parents with constant access to the educational and behavioral activities of their children by sharing daily reports provided by child care centers

    • Attendance   when the child drop off & pick up time was and by who
    • Meals  the meal details such as what the meal was and how much & time of the meal
    • Naps time and how long 
    • Pictures one or two pictures during the day
    • Chat chat page for the parents to contact the caregiver for question or anything o their mind
    • Note additional notes for what the kid did during the day if needed
    • Learning and fun

      When teachers use activities that make learning attractive and enjoyable, students are more willing to participate and take risks

    • Healthy meals

      Learn about those recommended daily nutrients for kids, know how!

    • Child Care Centers

      We help you find out about the ideal childcare centers near you

    • Child safety

      You will find tips from top safety experts about everything you need to keep your children

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